Autumn Leaf Jewellery

Autumn Leaf Jewellery

25 items

An autumnal selection of flower and leaf jewellery inspired by all the magical drama and beauty of the season. With...

Botanical brooch by Diana Greenwood Jewellery


9 items

Discover a modern brooch with all the detail of the garden or a little leafy square to sit on a...

custom pendants by diana greenwood jewellery

Custom Pendants

25 items

Imagine yourself in a charming country garden with this collection of custom pendants, inspired by pretty flowers and vintage garden...

Daisy Jewellery by Diana Greenwood

Daisy Jewellery

38 items

From delicate little earrings to a pretty flower trio on a chain, my best-selling daisy jewellery is simple, contemporary and...

Sunflower Ring by Diana Greenwood Jewellery

Floral Rings

12 items

A striking sunflower or a delicate little aster; this collection of floral rings makes garden favourites into wearable works of...

Daisy Necklace by Diana Greenwood Jewellery

Flower Necklaces

27 items

A statement sunflower necklace or a simple pendant with a single flower; this handcrafted collection makes for the most unique...

Forget Me Not Earrings by Diana Greenwood Jewellery

Forget Me Not Jewellery

26 items

A contemporary collection of spring jewellery featuring earrings and necklaces inspired by that charming, five-petalled bloom we call ‘forget-me-not’. Handmade...

Handcrafted Jewellery Offers | Diana Greenwood Jewellery

Handcrafted Jewellery Offers

12 items

For a charming last-minute surprise, these handcrafted jewellery pieces are made and ready to post with a special little discount...

Handmade Bracelets and Bangles by Diana Greenwood

Handmade Bracelets and Bangles

12 items

Exquisite details and pops of colour combine into handmade silver bangles and bracelets featuring tiny flowers and semi-precious stones. Free...

Floral Tassel Earrings by Diana Greenwood Jewellery

Handmade Gold & Silver Earrings

33 items

From statement sunflower earrings to a tiny pair of silver oak leaves, this collection of handmade gold and silver earrings...

ice skating jewellery by diana greenwood

Ice Skating Jewellery

20 items

Handmade in sterling silver and gold, this collection of ice skating jewellery captures the dream of a life devoted to...

One of a Kind Flower Jewellery

One of a Kind Flower Jewellery

31 items

A collection of special, one of a kind pieces of flower jewellery, inspired by flora and horticulture. With free worldwide...

Ready for immediate despatch

Ready for immediate despatch

39 items

All these items of handmade jewellery are currently in stock and ready to post. Delivery is free worldwide.    Ordering...

Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

28 items

A collection of jewellery inspired by spring and summer flowers. Handmade by Diana Greenwood. With free worldwide delivery.  Ordering from...