Looking After Your Jewellery

Care Instructions:

Cleaning your Diana Greenwood Jewellery
To clean satin surfaces, use Goddard’s silver dip which is widely available, rinsing thoroughly in clean warm water. Pat dry with kitchen towel to remove watermarks and leave to dry out completely somewhere warm on a clean kitchen towel. (Avoid using silver dip on stones)
Shiny surfaces can be cleaned with an occasional rub of a silver cloth. When not being worn, store in the original box with acid-free tissue paper. With all items of jewellery, avoid contact with perfume, detergents and hair products etc, which can blacken/oxidise the silver.
If you have pieces that are particularly tarnished, Diana offers a clean and revamp service, please enquire for more details.

Contact: diana@dianagreenwood.com

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Discover A World Of Beautiful Handmade Jewellery

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