Winter Botanical Necklace

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A necklace inspired by the beauty and stillness of a frosty winter garden.

Featuring, honesty, leaves and a many petalled daisy, the elements hang independently on a silver snake chain with a handmade s-style catch.

This necklace brings a timeless elegance to any winter-wardrobe and is sure to bring joy to any garden lover.

  • Hand-crafted from sterling silver, 18ct gold, carnelian and pearl.
  • Necklace length: 19 1/2"
  • Handmade S-hook style fastening on the snake chain ends
  • Delivered in a gift box, tied with colourful ribbon
  • Free tracked delivery worldwide
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Garden flowers find their way onto my charm bracelets and a lifelong fascination with figure skating has become the tiny blade on my ice-skating necklaces.

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